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About Us

We are the team behind the Enjin Network - a social gaming platform with over 19 million users spread out in 250,000 gaming communities.

Last year, we launched an ICO and raised 75k ETH in order to fund the development of our new project - called Enjin Coin.

Often referenced as "The Ethereum of Gaming", Enjin Coin is a smart gaming cryptocurrency powered by a suite of tools that enable game developers to explore a new frontier in gaming - blockchain.

Here's what Enjin Coin does, how it works, and why it benefits game developers

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Enjin Coin Manifesto

Our mission is to bring fairness and purpose to gaming.

How Does Enjin Coin Work

A simple, step-by step infographic followed by a detailed, in-depth exploration of the Enjin Coin ecosystem.