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About Us

OPEN Is building the required blockchain payment infrastructure for application developers, enabling application backends to interface with blockchain based payments enabling the two-way communication of payment data between on-chain and off-chain components. As a simple analogy of OPEN as the very first Developer Wallet and the accompanying payment rails.

With OPEN all existing applications interested in incorporating blockchain technologies including cryptocurrency acceptance (from Netflix to Candy Crush) can do so without any Solidity knowledge or without re-developing their technology stack. OPEN enables existing application developers and future dapp developers an invaluable serviing offering with its technology and developer growth program.

Quick Highlights

- Our members belong to Blockchain at Berkeley, Blockchain Research Institute and have been in the core blockchain space since 2013

- We have multiple inbound integration partners lined up to use OPEN's technology

- OPEN has recieved well over $100m+ inbound requests for allocation for its private token sale

- Rated Top 3 global token project by the blockchain community and its influencers

- Commitments from Chandler Guo, Draper Dragon, RChain, Jeremy Gardener, Element Group, and Michael Arrington

- OPEN has a live product along with working data points for an aggressive developer acquisition plan

- Giant community support 150k+ emails, 40k+ telegram, large whitelist, groups/pools appeal, top 5 core blockchain influencer support, etc.

What is Open Explainer:

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White paper and Testnet implementation:


You can download our white paper here.