I saw this at Guardian and I was like, I need to try Menstruheat. And it's amaaazzingg! It's like freaking amazing. It heats up relative fast and the thing is, it lasts freaking long. It's warm and snuggly and it just sayang you. - Xenia Tan
Menstruheat pad is extremely good on days that you get VVV PAINFUL CRAMPS!! It's really thin and heats up in less than 5 minutes once it comes to contact with air. Now, I don't have to worry about cancelling plans with my firiends with I have cramps! - Alexis
I tried it out on the first day of my period and i had cramps the whole day. It was bearable but needed heat to reduce the pain. I decided to try it while trying to fall asleep. In less than 20 seconds, the pad started to heat up and the pad really stuck on well and the adhesive was really strong but when i removed it frm my clothes, the pad was easy to peel off and there wasnt any sticky feeling on my clothes. I fell asleep with it and woke up 6 hours later and the pad was still as hot as ever. I was really impressed. - Stephanie Marie Soon
This has been a lifesaver whenever im out and have menstrual cramps! At home i use a hot water bag. But if i cant walk to the kitchen to get my hot water bag due to the pain, i usually just reach for this. This in conjunction with neurofen express alleviates cramps within an hour! Wish this had came out earlier in my poly days whenever i had cramps in class. Very happy and will continue buying until the day i stop having cramps! - Sophie Ho
I have neck & shoulder pain almost everyday. The shape of the NeckHeat patch is well designed. It fully pasted on my neck and shouder to help to relief my pain. My neck and shoulder feel comfortable and relaxing after used. Love to use it. Thank you pslove! - Jess Chew
Super love this heat pack!! Have been repurchasing it for a few times already! I have very bad period cramps which resulted in lots of MC or leaves taken to rest at home during the first few days of my period. After using this heat pack, the cramps I get was relieved and I no longer have to stay at home feeling miserable every month. - Peiyi Lee
First time using menstruheat when I was in an MRT and couldnt stand the cramp. I went to watson and was suggested by shopkeeper auntie to buy menstruheat. After applied on skin for "most heat" effect, my cramp relieved. This is definitely a MUST-BUY for every month's period. I recommend this to my sister and friends and they agreed that menstruheat helps our period pain without needing to eat medicine. - Shella Muchtar

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