“The pleasure of a board game is the ONLY thing that can drag everyone off their phones and into screaming, laughing, trying to cheat and saying ‘shall we have just one more round?’ At 11pm. Big Potato games have saved, at the current count, six family holidays and three Christmasses. They are the fourth emergency service.” - Caitlin Moran
"They were a wonderfully co-operative team to work with and really understood what we were trying to achieve with the game." - Dan and Phil, co-creators of Truth Bombs
"A small British studio with a massive personality has gone from surviving a roasting in Dragon's Den to putting out offbeat games created by Radio 1 DJs and viral YouTubers - all on its own terms." - Alex Sonechkina, Tabletop Gaming magazine
"I have had the great pleasure of working closely with, and selling, a large range of products from Big Potato Games. They fulfil our exact requirements for ever-changing, fresh and uniquely designed games that can appeal to a large and varied age spectrum." - Mark Mitchell, owner of Crocodile Toys