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About Us

The copyright infringement process is a broken mess that serves no one well. As the sheer volume of quality images has exploded, the ability for professional creators to monetize their labor has become progressively more difficult. Image Protect solves this by leveraging the power of the blockchain to provide stable, recurring income to creators, publishers and token holders. We do this by transforming previously unlicensed images into the world's most effective ad network. Instead of relentlessly pursuing the tiny fraction of publishers capable of paying for mistakenly used content, Image Protect transforms all images into an exciting new revenue stream that is split up fairly between all stakeholders.

Images are a core pillar of internet content. They are used daily in websites, blog posts, social media posts, games, applications and many more types of online content.

Unfortunately, the creators of these highly valuable digital assets are forced to stand by and watch their hard work being used by thousands of sites without receiving any type of compensation. Studies show that less than 2% of all images used online are correctly licensed.

But that's only half the problem.

The sheer volume of high quality images, often taken with equipment we all have in our pockets, is quickly commoditizing the industry. Professional creators are increasingly competing with talented bystanders in a space that has learned that stealing an image hardly ever results in a significant penalty.

Traditional copyright infringement firms do very little to improve this. Instead, they focus on identifying the few infringers that are vulnerable to legal action. Since they know that the costs of legally pursuing cases of misuse are prohibitive, they go after “the big fish who can pay”. And even in these very limited cases, very little of the recovered revenue actually makes it back into the hands of the image's lawful owner.

Image Protect solves this problem, because we've endured this problem for years.

Thanks to our innovative embeddable-image technology, we are able to transform an image that is being used incorrectly into a revenue stream that benefits everyone involved. All a publisher needs to do is substitute the original unlicensed image with our embed code (this is super simple) and that same image becomes a part of our highly sophisticated ad network.

The revenue generated from this network is fairly divided between the creator, the publisher, our company and the token holders who've made this project possible. IMAGE tokens are a fully licensed security token that receive 10% of all revenue generated by these new sharable embedded images.

The whole team here at Image Protect is proud to be able to state that we are trolls no more! Instead, our library of over 11 million images has already been converted into embeddable images and we are in the process of deploying our solution into the market.

Thanks to our 5 years of experience, we have a stable of industry leading partnerships with content networks, content creators, ISPs and other industry stakeholders.

Interested in purchasing a token that is primed to provide longterm recurring dividends?

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