About Us

Kittyhawk is the leading enterprise drone operation platform that unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to enable safe, scalable and secure drone operations with robust software, apps, and APIs. Industry-leading organizations in media, insurance, energy, oil & gas, education, law enforcement, fire, and emergency management services all rely on Kittyhawk for their end-to-end drone operations. 

Kittyhawk has developed the best preflight tools, in-flight functionality, and post-flight logging and intelligence into a single well-designed mobile application and Web-based dashboard. Kittyhawk is perfect for the pro pilot, with powerful team and enterprise functionality with features such as weather forecasting, risk assessments, flight profiles, live air traffic, secure data encryption and secure cloud storage.

Based in San Francisco and founded in 2015, the company has received $6.5 million in funding from Bonfire VenturesBoeing HorizonX VenturesFreestyle Ventures, and The Flying Object (TFO).


Key Platform Features

  • Location-aware applications, for safe and compliant operations

  • Hyper-local airspace and weather conditions, which are then appended to pilot log activity

  • Real-time sync from HQ, so pilots always see the latest checklists and aircraft status

  • Real-time sync to HQ, so management has real-time visibility into field operations

Flight Deck

  • In-Flight Controls, Automation & Safetyhttps://kittyhawk.io/images/apps-hero.png

  • Automated logging with rich telemetry data.

  • Pre-flight checklists and risk assessment tools

  • Send digital notice to participating airports

  • Announce flight and share telemetry to nearby pilots

  • Real-time airspace awareness and alerts

  • Aircraft deconfliction of manned and unmanned flights

  • Available on iOS and Android

  • iOS support for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

  • Automated multi-waypoint flights from takeoff to landing

  • LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification)

Management Tools

  • Team functions, with pilot currency, planning, and privilege management

  • Fleet management, across aircraft hours, battery cycles, checklist sync, and location planning

  • Centralized logs, including flight logging and imports, maintenance events, and checklist logging, safe and secure in the Kittyhawk domestic Cloud

  • Reporting for ad hoc and recurring events, customized and automated

  • Real-time multi-channel encrypted audio and video streaming  

Kittyhawk is on a continuous development cycle and pushes new code every day to their mobile apps, web dashboard, and platform APIs to provide their customers with the best product and access to the best possible data. New features and functionalities are regularly introduced and often in collaboration with their flagship customers. Highly requested features from both individual pilots and commercial teams are also rolled into the platform.


Discover more at https://kittyhawk.io.